Minimal Install PHP: elPHP plus libPHP
php (embedded) library

mini HOW-TO:
LPHP is a minimal standlone install of the PHP library.

lphp comes as a stock standard PHP build with only a few explicit enable/disable and with/without configure options. windows does not have stock support for PHP so lphp is a helper package for other projects that require PHP where not available on system. There are many pre packaged builds of PHP available on the net, lphp comes prefixed in the lphp standalone directory for portabilitys sake aswell as to reduce conflicts with any other currently installed PHP setups on the system. is embedded into and PHP eval'ed using the lphp(.exe) the pseudo php-cgi/cli(.exe) binary.

if you already have PHP installed and your are not a developer, you probably will not need lphp. currently _lib_PHP packages are built and shipped with PHP5-5.2.4. generic build notes for l+libphp can be found in the lphp-bin package.

in a nutshell, if you want a custom PHP-CGI/CLI type binary, or minimal standalone PHP install, then dont go giving me evils or summat.

download a package and extract into the standalone lphp directory. some programs might expect lphp to be in the main root folder of your primary hard drive eg. C:\lphp, others might expect lphp to be installed into a subdirectory within the parent directory. if you have more than one program that requires lphp on the same computer, check relevant documentation to edit its settings and use a common lphp base install.

NB, total install sizes (rough guide)
  • 24MB native WinPHP install unzip (cli+cgi+www_libmods+pear)
  • 97MB CygWin+php+bin
  • 16MB CygMin+php+bin
  •   8.5MB lphp+libphp
    • lphp v1.1 released (--define implemented)
    • libphp v1.0 --pcntl as DSO only
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